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Top Business Growth Advisor In Columbus Ohio To Help You Scale or Maximize Your Business For Sale
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When you work with Mike Mausteller, you get more than just the top business growth advisor in Columbus Ohio, you get help starting, growing, and eventually selling your enterprise if you so choose to.

When it comes to helping Start-Ups succeed, Mike rolls out an arsenal of tools:

  • Strategic planning
  • Branding strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • People, Process and System Development
  • Creating a Growth Culture

All of the programs offered by Buckeye Business Performance serve pieces of the above and apply to established and mature companies too.

The end-game in working with Mr. Mausteller, your business growth advisor in Columbus Ohio is that once you have gotten established, and you have grown or accelerated growth after so long, you may want to sell, and Mike has a special process of helping you achieve goals:

First, their team sends in a Lifestyle Designer to help YOU picture your life and lifestyle after you sell.

Then you visit with a wealth planner who helps you determine how much you need to sell your business, to live the life you designed.

Then we run a valuation on your business, helping you to understand what it is worth vs what you NEED.

Your Columbus Ohio business coach then works with you to improve your top-line revenue.

Then a  partner works with you on the expense lines and then when that is all organized…

With the advice and coaching through various programs taught by Mike Mausteller, your business growth advisor in Columbus Ohio, you will increase your valuation to your magic number and then turn you over to our Business Broker, Accountants, Lawyers, etc. who handle the transaction.

NOTE: For new companies and those trying to accelerate growth, it may take about 5-7 years to get a nice valuation when starting from scratch, however Mature companies, well-established, who need better organization and streamlined systems before you can sell, it only takes about 2-3 years to get there.

Why go the road alone?

Work with the top business growth advisor in Columbus Ohio, Mike Mausteller and build your brand and customer base together and let him help get your company ready to sell down the line.

Perhaps the #1 reason to choose Buckeye Business Performance to help you start, grow, and sell is that he personally has grown a dozen businesses from the concept stage into hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenue.

The ‘Big Dogs’ of the coaching industry, charge upwards of $1000 per hour to work with them, however when you work with Mike, you get the same ‘Big Dog’ experience, consulting, accountability and advice, only your investment is as little as $250 per month when you sign up for the Mastermind Program.

And you can get Mike for 20 hours of coaching time, over the course of 3-months for as low as $1500, saving you tens of thousands on Columbus Ohio business coaching and start-up advice.

Lastly, it does not matter what stage a business is in, when you work with Mike Mausteller, your business advisor in Columbus Ohio, he will help you grow your revenues and develop your people, processes, and systems to enable you to serve the clients in your growing business.

Mike’s work appeals to startups, mature businesses who are stuck, and owners who want to maximize the value of their business for a sale now or in the future.

Your Career and Growth Advisor In Columbus Ohio

Mike Mausteller, known as the top Columbus Ohio business growth advisor for start ups and mature companies, is the President of Buckeye Business Performance, a business and career coaching agency in Columbus Ohio, offering beginner-to-advanced training and consulting.

Mike is widely renown as an Executive Trainer, Growth Advisor and Business Speaker. Mike works with owners and leaders around the products and services industry, to enhance your skills in all aspects of business, making you a better leader, and in improving your sales teams and operations teams, required for growing your organization.

A few years into his career, he identified his passion as Entrepreneurship.

Mike enrolled in the MBA program at the University of Maryland to pursue that passion with a degree focused on New and Emerging Businesses.

After earning his MBA, he was hired by Victoria’s Secret and assigned to the successful growth of a test concept named PINK.

Three years later the team was fully developed, and the concept realized $1B in annual sales.

After working on several other concepts with Victoria’s Secret, taking the brand PINK from concept to $1 Billion a year, he went on to work for other companies: launching new products, brands, markets, and categories of business.

As your career and business growth advisor in Columbus Ohio, Mike has built and developed several new teams over the years.

Today, this top experienced growth advisor in Columbus Ohio for career advisory brings that experience to private companies through a range of different services for Start-Ups, to established and mature companies, enabling you to unlock the next level of growth.

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