Small Group Mastermind

The Small Group Mastermind is designed for business owners who are ready to grow their businesses and be held accountable. This close-knit group will discuss business strategies, best practices, and share new, innovative ideas.

By participating in the Small Group Mastermind,
you will be instrumental in ensuring the success of your own business, and in helping your peers achieve success as well.

Class Format:

  • The mastermind will be meet weekly and be hosted by a Certified Business Coach, Executive Coach, or Business Trainer

  • There will be 4-10 participants in the group

  • Each meeting will focus on a relevant, timely business topic, which will be introduced and explained by the instructor at the beginning of the meeting

  • The participants will work through their business issues and opportunities as they relate to the topic, and help the other participants do the same

  • At the conclusion of each meeting, participants will sign up for an “Action Item” to report on for the next meeting

  • There is no contract or minimums – you can be a part of the Small Group Mastermind for as long as you find value

Hi! I’m Mike Mausteller, Your Business Advisor!

I’ve spent years developing over 12 brands, creating massive markets, and managing and building sales teams for Fortune 500 companies.

I believe that every small business deserves Fortune 500 advice so they can make more money, alleviate stress, and spend more time with family and friends.

The Small Group Mastermind is an ideal setting for those entrepreneurs seeking strategy for their business, and who need their feet held to the fire.

When you join a Small Group Mastermind, you will achieve great success and establish trusted business relationships that last a lifetime!