Our Founder, Mike Mausteller has led the growth of a dozen consumer brands from early stage into the hundreds of millions of dollars in annual revenues.
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Are you committed to growth but aren’t sure how to break through to the next level?
That’s what we help businesses do everyday.
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Buckeye Business Performances Methodology Supports Three Phases of Business:

Get Help Starting A Small Business In Ohio For Start Ups!

Buy Or Start A Business

If you want to sell your passion product or service, we help you have the fastest and smoothest start possible.

You May Not Need To Start A Small Business In Ohio, However You May Need To Pivot Or Breakthrough A Capped Level Of Business And We Can Help!

Scale A Business

Has your business hit a plateau? We provide the tools and information to take you to the next level of your business.

Once You Start A Small Business In Ohio And Get Successful You May Want To Sell Or Transfer And We Can Help You Get Maximum Value!

Sell Or Transfer A Business

Whether you are passing your business along to employees/family or you are preparing for an eventual sale, we can help maximize the value of the business for a transfer.

Need a Business Growth Advisor?

The answer is yes if you’re experiencing one of the following:

Buckeye Business Performance (BBP) provides strategic roadmaps that enable owners to Scale or maximize their value in a Sale.

MYTH:  Transactions are all about Finance and Legal…

MYTH:  Scaling is all about Marketing and Sales…. 

Fact – either of the above takes an all around healthy business to scale reliably and sustainably. 
We provide custom Strategy Playbooks focused on Scaling your business to the next level and beyond or Maximizing your Value for an ownership transition.

We guide you to a profitable demand generation strategy, with amazing service, built on healthy finances and run by a high performing team.

And when it is time to get your Payday we ensure you get top dollar. 

Many who couldn’t 2X on their own, have 10x’ed or more with me.
What value creation can do for you:  
  –  Sell faster
  –  Sell on your terms
  –  3 years to 2X your value; 5 years to 3x your value on low growth Businesses
  –  Sleep peacefully knowing that your teams’ time, focus, expenses and investments are all pointed at your company’s highest ROI activities.
  –  Own a business where you have more control, in less time, with lower risk and a team/process that works with far less of your time.
Business Coaching In Columbus Ohio As Seen On TV!

Learn About Working With Mike Mausteller

You want to scale your business beyond what you can do alone:

Nо matter whаt stage уоur business iѕ at, Buckeye Business Performance саn help you work smarter аnd progress faster thаn уоu wоuld оn уоur own. Frоm providing a much-needed ego check tо helping expand уоur network, a business coach саn givе уоu bоth thе tools аnd perspective уоu nееd tо gо frоm point A tо point B. Here are the major benefits of business growth advisory:

Our approach incorporates Neuroscience and Economic Game Theory to tap into human subconscious and instincts which triggers consumer action.  Until now, this methodology has been reserved for only the largest of corporations:  Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola…

While sales begin their rapid increase, we install our proprietary Operating System for companies who cannot maintain organizational growth as quickly as we are able to grow sales.

The reason you aren’t growing as quickly as you want or aren’t already where you want your business to be, is likely because your tool kit wasn’t designed for hyper growth.  Well, ours isn’t only designed for it, we’ve proven it effective time after time.

So, What Are You Waiting For?

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Hello! I'm Mike Mausteller

After years of developing 12+ brands, creating massive markets, and managing and building sales teams from the ground up for Fortune 500 companies, I have found my passion in helping level the playing for small and medium-sized businesses looking to get better established, or breakthrough barriers, sell or transfer your business.

#1 Ohio Business Coach To Help You Start A Small Business In Ohio!

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Our team is trained and skilled in how to ask the right questions to generate the kind of forward progress you desire for your group or team all while providing objective advice and counsel on the subjects you are discussing.

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